Based on the account balance & specific needs, Conquest International, Inc. uses in-house and contracted Private Investigators to research the financial condition of the debtors and assess their ability to pay. We use contract Private Investigators for field visits and interviews. Private Investigators verify and confirm information provided by the collector and compile additional information available.

Conquest International, Inc. may order a Field Investigator within the first 7-14 days of placement to visit the debtor’s location to gather information relative to:

  • Vendors, Landlord, and Banks
  • Proof of Bankruptcy Filing
  • Existing liens against the entity
  • Suits filed and Judgments entered against the entity
  • UCC Filings
  • The overall condition of the business
  • Business traffic if available
  • Pictures of the business if available

Our investigative and skip tracing efforts also entail researching judgment, tax liens and investigating officers, directors, board of directors, and owners, unreported liabilities. They also contact public record offices such as the local tax assessor, Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Licensing Department to obtain contact information.

Our investigative team searches electronic databases including Lexis Nexis/Accurint, ChoicePoint, Merlin Information Services, Skipsmasher, Inc., Crimetime, and several other resources, which are currently the leading data providers among the many providers of computerized public record databases.

We can often locate a company, subsidiary, or nearby business that may know the company’s new location, or can provide contact information to contact the officers or owners. We utilize multiple Credit Bureau Reports. Call landlords, banks, nearby to check business and residential information. We use Social Security Numbers to locate contacts and their new locations. Accurint uses a name, past address, phone number, & SSN to obtain current information from a compliance of data in excess of 20 billion records.

In short, we use all available resources and skip tracing tools to locate information on entities both business and personal.