About the Company

Conquest International, Inc. provides high quality U.S. and International Debt Recovery, Investigations, Consulting and Receivable Management Solutions to businesses all around the globe. We utilize licensed, bonded, and credit trained private investigators, collection attorneys, and debt recovery specialists utilizing the best resources in the country as part of the recovery process.

We employ experienced staff for all ends of our services. Our specialized Collectors and Investigators average 15-30 years of commercial and residential experience providing unparalleled knowledge of negotiating payment of commercial and residential debt. No matter what your company’s needs, we can provide you with an effective solution with some of the most experienced professionals in the field along with cutting edge technology. Our investigative resources are the foundation of our success in the recovery process.

At Conquest International, Inc. the dynamics of making credit decisions in a growth or sales-oriented company are understood. Credit executives are regularly forced to make decisions based on insufficient credit history. The bottom line is, we help credit executives make sound collection decisions.

When a collection problem occurs, our goal is to recover your money and return your customers to good standing. The success of our efforts lies in our combining highly skilled and experienced collectors and investigators that incorporate a investigative approach into the recovery process. In addition, having the best investigative resources and technology, and also being able to maintain local credit-trained private investigators and collection attorneys in you customer or debtors' area to uncover accurate and current information. Decisions based on this current information are superior to those based on “aged” credit history. We realize that customers who are on credit-hold with your company may be found by your competitors, we therefore strive to recover for you as quickly as possible.

Because we do not rely on traditional collection techniques such as telephone calls and letters, the net return to our customers is faster and superior. Our collection procedures are straight forward. We get you your money in an efficient and timely manner.

We are a full-service agency. We hope you will give us the opportunity to work with you prior to the sale, after the sale, and at the time of recovery.