Audit and Direct Collections

Being a full service agency means doing more than just basic credit and collections work. To us, full service means supporting our customers businesses in every way we can with as many innovative support services as possible. Included in these specialized services are:

  • Soft-Audit Process:

Our primary goal with this approach is to preserve your relationship with your client while bringing their account current. We use carefully worded debt collection letters and soft collection calls made by collectors trained in preserving your relationship while at the same time bringing their account current. The Soft-Audit Process encourages the debtor to return to your company after the account has been resolved, which in turn maintains that professional relationship. This approach also quickly identifies disputes and distinguishes customers from debtors while identifying unknown problems. The primary focus is to obtain payment in full while treating your customers with the utmost respect and professionalism.

  • Direct Collection Process

 - First Demand Letter is sent.
 - A private investigator calls the customer, or initial contact is made by phone based on the balance of the account.
 - Attorney Demand Letter is sent.
 - Attorney Demand Letters, Collection Letters, and Audit Recovery Letters are effective depending on the type of account, and the client’s requirements. Collection Letters are geared toward the collection approach you specify. Debtors are treated exactly how you want us to treat them.
 - We begin an investigation – notification of financial investigation is sent to the customer.
 - We use contract private investigators available anywhere in the United States for field visits and interviews. We carefully conduct and document the investigation.
 - Frequent telephone interaction with customers occurs immediately after placement. Telephone attempts are made as often as necessary to deliver optimal results. Telephone attempts continue until contact is made and we reach an acceptable re-payment plan, or until accounts are deemed uncollectible.
 - We report accounts to the various Credit Bureaus.

                                             Internal Collection Services

Conquest International, Inc. has a proven record in collecting delinquent accounts abroad. We have the technology to pursue businesses from almost anywhere in the world. Unlike our competitors we specialize in international debt recovery. The success of our International Collections Division stems from having the very best international collectors in the industry. Our staff has been successful in obtaining contacts through the commercial divisions of the U.S. Embassy to pay the debtor in question a local visit to get a more favorable response. Our international team is please to offer:
 - Access to collection attorneys in most foreign countries.
 - Services for all time zones.
 - Consolidated Status reports in English.
 - International credit reporting services.

                                               Legal Policies & Procedures

If through the standard collection process Conquest International, Inc. is unable to resolve the debt, we evaluate possible legal recourse for our clients. We may suggest using collection attorneys who are experienced in handling commercial accounts. We only use collection attorneys who are fully bonded, affiliated with the Commercial Law League. We consider the balance of the accounts and the cost to litigate, available assets, and client requirements. Unlike our competitors we don’t mark up the Court Costs and charge Legal Management Fees to manage the file once the legal process has begun. We send you the invoice directly from the attorney handling the account.

The Process is as Follows:

 - Collectors identify accounts as possible candidates for litigation.
 - The Legal Department reviews and evaluates these accounts, and upon client approval will forward accounts to an attorney in the state and country where the debtor resides.
 - Attorneys make recommendations to file suit against specific accounts if they feel it would be feasible to execute a Judgment against the debtor.
 - Conquest International Inc. solicits and receives written authorization from clients before a suit is filed. If the account remains suit worthy, your customer receives a letter indicating that the account is scheduled for legal actions.

                                                      Dispute Resolution

All disputes are handled with professionalism and an emphasis on resolving and peripheral issues so that the call process may continue. Our focus is to pursue the dispute and achieving full liquidation of the account.

Efforts to resolve the dispute:
 - Qualifying the nature of the dispute.
 - Identifying disputed portions of the balance and continue to collect undisputed portions.
 - Placing the account on hold if the entire balance is in dispute.
 - Forward appropriate documentation to customers and following up as needed.
 - If the amount owed is deemed valid, Conquest International Inc. forwards the documentation to the customer and continues collecting. If the amount owed is found to be invalid as corroborated by you or the customer, we close and return the account.

  • Partial Payment Arrangement:

Before negotiating a payment plan, a representative will develop a financial profile of the customer based on the existence of real property, gainful employment, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and other assets. If an arrangement is broken the account is automatically set up for a follow-up call. Contact is made again with the customer, a broken promise letter is mailed, and solicitations for payment in full begin again.

  • Uncollectible Accounts:

After exhausting collection efforts, Conquest International Inc. initiates close and return procedures when accounts remain uncollectible.
 - Customer is out of business, or if business closing is confirmed and the principles/owners have been determined not personally liable for settling the debt.
 - Customer has no financial resources to pay because they are unemployed, on welfare, without sufficient income, seriously ill, bankrupt, have no assets, or are experiencing extenuating circumstances.
 - Customer is uncollectible after skip tracing effort have proven fruitless.
 - Customer refuses to pay and litigation is not recommended or approved.
 - Customer is deceased if death is confirmed and there is no estate.

Please remember, you are always in charge. No suit will be filed, no expense incurred, no settlements made without your express approval. However, our specialists are always available to help guide you through the legal maze and offer advice. Having already worked on your account, we have all the paperwork necessary to build an airtight case against your customer without the hassle of going through old documents again.

Should your accounts require litigation to collect; contingency rates will vary depending on the size of the claim and location of the debtor. As a client you will be responsible for Filing Fees and Court Costs associated with your case.